Comprehensive Exam and Radiographs

Dentist in Portland Dr. Jacob Morrow at Mt. Tabor Dental perform full dental exams to ensure good overall dental health. Evaluating your entire masticatory system (teeth, jaws, soft tissue, head and neck) is essential for arriving at a complete diagnosis with treatment recommendations.

During this exam we collect data, which will allow us to determine your level of gum disease, tooth decay, tooth trauma, TMJ health, occlusion and oral cancer screen. Radiographs are a critical part of this examination as they allow us to evaluate your jawbones, sinus cavities and the two-thirds of the tooth that cannot be seen in the mouth!

While we encourage all our new patients to have a comprehensive examination, if you are in pain we will do site specific exams to diagnose and treat the source of your discomfort.

Gentle yet Thorough Cleanings and Dental Hygiene

The best way to prevent tooth decay and gum disease is to have your teeth cleaned regularly. Our dental hygienists will remove plaque and tartar, keeping your teeth and gums healthy and clean.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Also called a “white” filling, these dental restorations are composite resins containing a mixture of acrylic plastics and quartz fillers.

These restorations differ from amalgam (silver or mercury) fillings in that they are held in place by a bonded resin rather than mechanical retention. These materials have evolved to the point that they will last as long and are as durable as sliver fillings.