Use Halloween for Healthy Smiles for a Lifetime

Halloween is fun, but the sheer amount of candy collected by children can be quite overwhelming. If it goes unchecked, eating all of that candy can mean cavities for your kids’ teeth. Dentists in Portland, OR Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow are concerned that kids remember good dental habits during this candy-filled holiday.

However, Halloween is an excellent time to continue to teach your kids dental habits that will result in healthy smiles to last for a lifetime.

Choose Candy Carefully

Allowing kids to indulge with no limits can lead to problems, but so can depriving them of access to all candy. Instead, have them pick their favorites from the candy collected during trick or treating up to a certain number; for example, you might instruct them to pick ten of their favorite pieces. Keep that candy in a special spot on the kitchen counter, and set up specific guidelines for when they can eat some of it each day.

Another way to help kids keep healthy teeth is to control what you hand out to trick or treaters on Halloween night. While you might not want to resort to giving pennies and raisins, consider alternatives to candy like spider rings, temporary tattoos, or sugarless gum. These little treats will preserve Halloween fun and healthy smiles.

Keep Track of Candy Consumption

Once kids have access to their favorite pieces of candy once per day, get rid of the rest that was collected. Freeze the leftover candy for use in special recipes later in the year or make a donation to your kids’ classrooms or PTA to use in community events. This will keep the candy out of sight, out of mind, and away from your kids’ teeth.

Take Time for Healthy Teeth

Halloween candy consumption is an excellent opportunity to emphasize thorough dental habits no matter how old your kids are. Review the fact that candy means an increase in the amount of plaque on teeth, and it’s this plaque and bacteria that leads to cavities and other potential problems. Also, emphasize with your kids what it means to thoroughly brush and floss teeth, reviewing the best ways to keep their smiles healthy!

To make sure that your kids are on their way to healthy smiles for life, bring them in for a visit with dentist in Portland, Oregon Dr. Todd Beck or Dr. Jacob Morrow today – call  503-236-1449 to make an appointment!

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