No dental insurance? Our SE Portland dentist can help

dentist No dental insurance coverage? No problem at our dental office. Mt. Tabor Dental can help! Millions of Americans are without dental insurance. We at Mt. Tabor Dental do not think this is a good excuse for letting your oral health go by the wayside. Therefore we have implemented our very own in-house dental savings plan, designed for patients without dental insurance, called “Tabor Smiles”. Dr. Jacob Morrow wanted to put a plan in place intended for patients who do not have dental insurance. Our plan is a competitive membership program that offers a 10-15% discount off of the regular price of treatment.

For an annual membership fee of $329.00, ($439.00 if you have periodontal/gum disease), the plan includes 2 exams, 2 cleanings, all necessary X-rays, an emergency exam/x-rays, and a bonus fluoride varnish. With either plan, you will also receive a 10-15% discount off dental treatment within the effective membership year. Dr. Morrow and the team at Mt. Tabor Dental encourage you to take full advantage of our Tabor Smiles Dental Savings Plan and maintain the smile you deserve!

Please visit for more information. You can also call or email our office if you have questions or would like additional information. (503) 236-1449 or

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