How to Have a Guilt-Free Christmas

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The Christmas season is a time for excess: we tend to eat higher amounts of fat and sugar, drink more alcohol, and spend money. This often means that the temptation to feel guilty for this behavior is front and center in our minds. However, Portland Oregon dentists Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow offer these tips to celebrating a guilt-free Christmas.

Focus on One Day at a Time

Many of us feel overwhelmed this time of year, thanks to the increased obligations and activities that Christmas brings with it. Instead of planning way in advance and trying to juggle too many things, focus instead on what you can control and do every day that is ultimately good for you.

This could be brushing your teeth in the morning and evening every day, along with flossing your teeth before bed. This can also include eating lean protein with meals and drinking water throughout the day, as well as incorporating simple exercise each afternoon or evening. Prioritizing elements that are really important to stay healthy – like whole food and exercise – can help you feel guilt-free when you have that extra cookie or candy on Christmas day.

Avoid Grazing

This is the time of year in which we are surrounded by sweet treats that can hurt our teeth and waistlines. Be aware of this fact, and pace yourself throughout the day. If you see something decadent that you just can’t live without, wrap this treat in a napkin and hide it in your desk drawer at work. Eat it with a healthy lunch to practice portion control and to avoid both the guilt of overeating throughout the day and possible feelings of missing out on your favorite treat.

Don’t Drink Calories

It’s easy to forget that calories and sugar are part of our favorite Christmas beverages like eggnog, hot buttered rum and alcoholic beverages. Concentrate each day on getting plenty of water to stay hydrated, which will help you avoid drinking empty calories. Add flavors like peppermint, lavender, winter mint, lemon or lime to your water for some variety, along with different kinds of hot and cold teas.

Plan One Day to Overindulge

In a season full of different kinds of indulging, there is the temptation for great amounts of associated guilt. Take control by planning one day to overindulge. Whether that is Christmas Day or the day after when there’s a ton of leftovers in the fridge, schedule one day to not pay too much attention to what you eat or drink. This will give you something to look forward to as you take one day at a time.

Brush Your Teeth Often

Studies have shown that those who brush their teeth after meals are less likely to overindulge – foods and drinks just don’t taste as good when you already have toothpaste residue in your mouth. Help keep your Christmas guilt-free by brushing away the sugar that Christmas treats leave behind.

Because it’s the Christmas season, we may be tempted to throw self-control out of the window. If you’re starting to feel guilty this Christmas season, make an appointment for dentists in Portland, Oregon Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow to brighten your holiday smile. Call Mt. Tabor Dental at 503-236-1449 to schedule your appointment!

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