Dental Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning is traditionally the time of year where we clean out the closets and scrub down the house after a long, dreary winter. But have you ever considered that spring cleaning is also excellent for your dental health?

Portland dentists Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow at Mt. Tabor Dental encourage you to take this opportunity to do some spring cleaning for the health of your teeth and mouth!

Time for a Regular Check Up

At Mt. Tabor Dental, the Portland dentists and staff like to see patients at least two times a year. This regular routine of comprehensive oral exams and teeth cleanings keeps the doctors and patients aware of any changes in your mouth.

At a regular check up, Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow focus on a wide range of elements to help ensure optimal dental health, including:

  • evidence of gum disease
  • development of tooth decay
  • TMJ health
  • any tooth trauma
  • oral cancer screening

Collecting this information about your oral health on a regular basis is essential to providing the most accurate and effective treatment plan for your needs over time. It’s important to remember that while visits twice a year is recommended, these visits may need to be more often based on your personal dental health needs.

Gentle and Thorough Cleaning

Part of the routine appointments include a thorough teeth cleaning with a gentle touch by one of our hygienists. This type of spring cleaning clears away any build up of plaque that has hardened into tartar and threatens the health of your teeth and gums.

While a thorough teeth cleaning is necessary, the entire team at Mt. Tabor Dental focus on your personal level of comfort, doing all they can to help you feel relaxed. Our fun-loving atmosphere can help you look forward to your regular dental care appointments!

At-Home Dental Care

While regular teeth cleaning and dental exams are essential, dental care routines at home contribute greatly to overall health. To keep your smile healthy and bright between appointments, it is important to follow these easy steps:

  • Monitor your food and beverage intake, cutting out those that are high in sugar
  • Focus on including lean protein sources, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits in your every day dietary choices
  • Brush teeth twice a day, and preferably once after each meal
  • Floss at least once a day in those hard-to-reach places where plaque gathers

This time of spring cleaning is also a great time to determine whether or not it’s been awhile since you’ve replaced your toothbrush. Take this opportunity to get one that’s gentle for your teeth, or make an appointment to come in and get one from us at Mt. Tabor Dental along with your exam and teeth cleaning. Call (503) 236-1449 for your personal appointment!




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