Dental Care Impacts of Smoking Tobacco

Give your teeth a break: Quit smoking today!Why is quitting tobacco so important for your oral health? Going beyond your mouth, quitting smoking can have a number of positive systemic effects, including decreased blood pressure and heart rate, improved lung function, diminishing risk of heart attack, improved breathing, and many others. It can also greatly improve your sense of smell and taste.

The most alarming oral health concern faced by smokers is oral cancer. Smoking and other tobacco products contain over 60 known carcinogens. It’s no surprise that about 75% of oral cancer cases are associated with smoking or other tobacco products. Dr. Beck does an oral cancer screening as a component of his comprehensive exams for all new and existing patients.

From a dental perspective, smoking can lead to a number of problems, including periodontal disease and tooth loss, slow healing after oral surgery, bad breath, and stains on the teeth and tongue that can only be removed by a dental professional.

Ask Dr. Beck or one of the staff members at Mount Tabor Dental for more information if you are interested in quitting tobacco and restoring your oral health. You can also visit

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