Use Halloween for Healthy Smiles for a Lifetime

Halloween is fun, but the sheer amount of candy collected by children can be quite overwhelming. If it goes unchecked, eating all of that candy can mean cavities for your kids’ teeth. Dentists in Portland, OR Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow are concerned that kids remember good dental habits during this candy-filled holiday. However, Halloween is an excellent time to continue to teach your kids dental habits that will result in healthy smiles to last for a lifetime. […]


Xylitol for Dental Health

Our goal at Mt. Tabor Dental is to help you maintain the best dental health possible through dental treatment and preventative dental care. In addition to regular dental appointments and daily brushing and flossing, one of the ways we’ve found to help our patients prevent tooth decay and resulting cavities is the use of xylitol in its various forms. Xylitol Helps Prevent Cavities Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that mimics the taste of sugar without the consequences of cavities. Xylitol […]


How High Blood Pressure Effects Your Dental Health

Dentists in Portland, Oregon Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow care about the overall health and well-being of patients of Mt. Tabor Dental. This kind of comprehensive care includes monitoring blood pressure during dental visits. What is High Blood Pressure? High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, effects over 30% of Americans. Symptoms of this common medical diagnosis include fatigue, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, difficulty breathing, vision issues, and headaches. This condition and the symptoms presented can pose serious […]


Migraine Help from the Dentist?

It’s estimated that 25% of the households in the United States includes someone who suffers from migraines. This condition with its debilitating symptoms can wreak havoc on daily routines at home and at work. Dr. Beck, Dr. Morrow and the team at Mt. Tabor Dental empathize with migraine sufferers, offering effective alternatives to dealing with the symptoms. Common Migraine Symptoms Contrary to popular belief, migraines are not “just bad headaches.” Migraines are the name of a syndrome that includes a […]


Smoking Effects Your Dental Health

Smoking poses a wide range of risks, including many forms of cancer, lung disease, and heart disease. However, one place that is generally overlooked when it comes to the consequences of smoking concerns dental health. A Wide Range of Dental Issues Smoking introduces a variety of potential problems to overall dental health. At Mt. Tabor Dental, we have seen many short-term and long-term problems associated with smoking. Tooth Staining – The nicotine, tar and other chemicals used in cigarettes cause […]


Eating Disorders and Dental Health

Eating disorders deeply effect the dental health of millions of people in the United States each year. The two most common eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia, impact the health of teeth and gums as well as overall physical and mental health. What are Eating Disorders? Eating disorders can result from a variety of causes, both internal and external. These factors can include biological tendencies for developing an eating disorder, psychological and emotional issues, and the modern Western cultural desire to […]


Should You Take Antibiotics Before a Dental Procedure?

Most people think of antibiotics as a way to treat infection, but did you know that antibiotics could also be used to prevent infection. We always let our patients know because it is especially useful information with people who have specific heart conditions and even artificial joints.  Do you ever wonder why your dentist asks you so many health questions about your medical history; it is because your dentist is trying to protect patients from possible infections. Dental surgery and […]


Periodontal Disease Identification and Treatment

Dr. Beck, Dr. Morrow, and the staff at Mt. Tabor Dental take the dental health of our patients very seriously. One of the most important components of our new patient exams is our thorough evaluation for periodontal disease. Periodontal Disease Evaluation Procedures During the periodontal portion of a comprehensive dental exam, the doctors or hygienists use an instrument called a “periodontal probe” to measure the depth of the gum “pocket” or sulcus circumfrentially around each tooth.  The pocket depth, in […]


Rubber Dams Protect Patients

Dr. Beck & Dr. Morrow at Mt. Tabor Dental take great pride in providing state-of-the-art dental care to our patients. One of the most important ways we protect our patients and help ensure lasting restorations is the use of the rubber dam. What is a Dental Rubber Dam? A rubber dam is a simple piece of equipment in the form of a piece of latex or silicone. This material is then cut to fit around a patient’s teeth in order […]


Silver Versus White Fillings

Dr. Beck often has patients in his restorative dentistry office ask about the difference between white and silver fillings. What Are Silver Fillings? Silver fillings are not made of silver, but are called “amalgam,” and are used to fill cavities in teeth to prevent the spread of tooth decay. Amalgam used for fillings is a mixture of metal, including alloy composed of copper, tin, silver and mercury. These are known as “silver” fillings because of their appearance after placement. Silver, […]