2 x 2 = How to Brush With Kids

It’s not often that we think about math problems when it comes to the health of our teeth. However, Portland dentists Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow recommend doing just that when it comes to you and your kids brushing their teeth regularly!

What Does 2 x 2 Mean?

The “2 x 2” phrase has been created by the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives and the Ad Council to help parents and children understand the importance of regular brushing and flossing.

The phrase “2 x 2” might seem like a math problem – and it is – but it’s also a really easy way to remember when to brush your teeth. This particular “2 x 2” means that kids and adults of all ages should brush their teeth two times a day for a minimum of two minutes each time.

Why Brush for 2 Minutes?

It’s hard for kids to mark the passage of time, whether it’s two minutes or two days. Younger children don’t have a clear concept of the passing of time, and older kids simply get restless and distracted when it comes to brushing for two whole minutes.

To help keep kids brushing, the 2 x 2 website has provided a wide variety of 2 minute videos for kids to watch while they brush. Kids can enjoy short snippets of Elmo, The Dream Jam Band, and Adventure Time to help keep their brushing on track during the whole two minutes. Then your kids can track their progress each day with this 2 x 2 printable sheet.

Two minutes might seem like a long time, but think about it in the scope of an entire day – in 24 hours, there are 1,440 minutes. Even if you brush for a total of 4 minutes each day, that still leaves 1,436 minutes left to learn, play, work and have fun!

Toothbrushing Tips for a Healthy Mouth

Even though this is a helpful tool, it’s important not to set up a video and leave your child to his or her own devices during toothbrushing time. Here are helpful hints:

  • Have your children choose toothbrushes that they like, just make sure the brushes have small bristles and can reach all areas of their mouths.
  • Teach children to brush their teeth at an angle along the gumline.
  • Provide fluoride toothpaste for kids to brush with, and ensure they get in the habit of spitting it out when brushing is done (as opposed to swallowing it).
  • Teach kids to brush all surfaces of their teeth, including those hard to reach areas as well as their tongues.

As your children grow older and begin to brush on their own, dentists in Portland, OR Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow encourage parents to check how well their children are brushing and flossing each day to ensure the best dental health. Call 503-236-1449 today to schedule a dental appointment for your child at Mt. Tabor Dental.

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